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Life Coaching Services for Your Overall Well-Being

No matter what life throws at you, you can rely on DarienMarshall.com to help you overcome difficulties and discover your full potential. Life coach Darien Marshall offers holistic life counseling services for the whole community. He provides the following services:

  • Inspirational Mind Healing (Also Known as Affirmative Prayer)
  • Positive Visualization Sessions ( for Individuals or Groups)
  • Discussions on His Self-Improvement Books
  • Public Speaking (Uplifting Talks based on his writings)
  • Personal Grief Counseling

Please be reminded that his services and Positive visualization sessions do not involve religious symbols such as Buddha statues, crosses, and figures of saints. Darien also caters to clients who are not vegetarians but prefer to eat well-prepared organic food like cage-free eggs and meat from free-roaming animals. You may also listen to his inspirational podcasts for thought-provoking and motivating quotes.

Darien helps people to see the power that is within them to live the best life possible. He does NOT teach Religion.

In need of a little inspiration? Click above to hear my inspirational talk radio show "Its All About you. In the earlier years I Co-hosted this show with best friend and business partner Darius Jones. In later shows I am flying solo. Please enjoy. For reviews of this show click reviews in the menu.