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Client Testimonials 


At DarienMarshall.com, famous author and life mentor Darien Marshall believes that a more optimistic way of thinking helps create positive changes in life. In his inspirational talk show “It’s All About You,” Darien and his co-host encourage their listeners to feel good about their true selves. Read what their fans and guests have to say about their show.


"Darien and Darius have what I call chutzpah! What a terrific show." – Dr. Terry Cole Whittaker, Best-Selling Author of "Live Your Bliss"

What a wonderful show...You guys have 'IT'” – Gary Zukav, Best-Selling Author of “Seat of The Soul"

Darien and Darius are fabulous teachers and amazing leaders. On this show they teach people how to find their own answers." – Sonia Choquette, Best-Selling Author of "Trust Your Vibes"

"Darien and Darius have the best show on the internet. Being on there is like being at a party." – Collette Baron-Reid, Best-Selling Author and Intuitive of "Hay House" 

"I had a blast on this show. The time just flew by. I endorse this type of programming. God's speed to "The fabulous ones" for a fantastic show." – Joe Vitale, Featured Teacher on the Hugely Successful DVD "The Secret"

"Being on the show is like spending the afternoon with a dear friend.” – Byron Katie, Oprah Radio Guest and Best-Selling Author Of “Loving What Is"