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Self-Improvement Books

Get the boost you need in your life pursuits with guidance from Darien Marshall of DarienMarshall.com. Apart from being a certified professional coach, he is the renowned author of self-improvement books that help you realize your strengths. Darien’s books include the following:

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Don't Just Talk About It...Be About It: making Positive changes in your Life

This book is about action, the action needed to make the positive changes that we all so desperately want in our lives.   In this lighthearted and comical book, you will discover and rid yourself of the obstacles that keep you from living a positive, and successful life...a life you deserve to have.


Don't Just Dream About It...Wake Up!: Awaken Your Inner and Outer New World
What happened to that dream of yours? This book serves as a wonderful companion to help you uncover those hidden beliefs that keep you stuck in many different areas of your life.
Dreaming about a fabulous life is fantastic, but there comes a time when you must go from merely dreaming about your success to waking up to its reality. This book can help you in that endeavor.

Today You Forgive Me.  What About Tomorrow?: Living The Fabulous

Life Through Forgiveness

The book highlights what forgiveness is truly about. You may just be pleasantly surprised as to what forgiveness is not about. It is hoped that you may complete this reading knowing that you have the power to release and let go of all the people, situations, and thoughts that no longer make you happy--all while living a fabulous life.